Yik Zhuan Orchid Garden.

We Are Committed To Provide Reliable, Consistent And High Quality Orchids To Our Valued Customers

Yik Zhuan Orchid Garden Pte Ltd is an established local orchid grower with at least 30 years of experience in nuturing and growing of orchids.

Over the years of our operations, dendrobium has been the main focus of the business. Our garden has a wide range of dendrobium in which we export freshly cut flowers and as wholesaler (cut flowers; potted plant) for the local market.

We have expanded our business operation by growing a new breed of orchid, phalaenopsis. A greenhouse is build and is fully equipped and mock the climate conditions which are suitable for growing phalaenopsis. Our phalaenopsis are grown and care by staffs who are highly trained. Our garden has a wide range of dendrobiums and phalaenopsis .We are committed to provide reliable, consistent and high quality orchids to our valued customers.